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Physical Therapy


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Physical Therapy is a medical science that specializes in the correction of impairments and disabilities through the use of physical treatments. These treatments are designed to decrease pain, promote mobility/flexibility, improve strength, restore functional ability, and enhance the quality of life. Common treatments include:



These are techniques in which the therapist uses their hands to impart the desired treatment. In most cases, these treatments are utilized for the express purpose of decreasing pain or promoting better mobility in a particular joint or tissue.



The application of gentle movement and force to the tissues of the body for the purpose of promoting pain relief, healing, and normal mobility.



The application of movement and force to a joint for the purpose of increasing range of motion in order to improve functional ability.



This includes physical activities specifically prescribed to enhance strength, flexibility, and mobility in weak or injured tissue. These abilities are essential in returning a person to the active lifestyle he/she deserves.



This incorporates physical activities designed to train a person to maintain balance regardless of the environment. This training is also used in the elderly as a means to promote safety with mobile activities by reducing fall risk.



This is performed with the sole purpose of improving a person’s ability to complete a specific task. Some of the most common functional deficits addressed through this form of physical therapy are overhead reaching, moving from sitting to stand, and ascending/descending stairs.



These are physical agents such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, mechanical traction, moist heat, and cold packs. These agents are used primarily to accomplish pain relief, reduction of inflammation, spinal decompression, and enhanced soft tissue mobility.

There are NO SIDE EFFECTS, NO DRUGS, and NO INVASIVE PROCEDURES involved with Physical Therapy. It is typically the first and most effective treatment option for one suffering from muscle, joint, tendon, or balance problems. Physical Therapy is also an effective treatment option following surgery and can shorten recovery time and enhance the overall outcome of the surgery.

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