Orthopaedic Specialists, a practice founded by Dr. Brandon Downs, treats patients in Nashville, Tenn., Dickson, Tenn. and Ashland City, Tenn. We specialize in treating complicated orthopaedic conditions. To better serve the needs of our patients, the practice has added the following staff members: Dr. Josh Colbert; Dr. Micah Allison; Dr. Emily Burn; Matt Hawkins, PA; Drew Cressman, PA and Todd Warren, NP. While our practice has expanded, our mission remains the same – to provide compassionate orthopaedic care to our patients.

Patients typically see us for intermediate or chronic issues. In addition to tending to these issues, we educate our patients on how to prevent flare-ups as part of their treatment plans.

Usage of Cutting-Edge Technology

Orthopaedic Specialists has access to the latest technological advancements like computer-assisted surgery (CAS), a navigation tool used in knee replacements and reconstructions. We also use CAS to correct some spinal issues; surgeons may also use CAS during hip replacements, arthroscopic procedures and elbow, hand and wrist reconstructions to provide the best orthopedic services.


An Overview of General Orthopaedics

This branch of medicine focuses on the musculoskeletal system – tendons, muscles, ligaments, joints, nerves and bones. All of these parts work together to produce movements such as walking, dancing and running. Our doctors diagnose and treat musculoskeletal issues including joint pain, fractures, sprains and cartilage tears.


Orthopaedic Care in Infants, Toddlers, Children and Teens

Infants, toddlers, children and teens require different protocols than adults. At these stages, people constantly grow, especially during the infant and toddler stages. When possible, we like to recommend non-invasive techniques. When used during the formative years, non-invasive techniques have the ability to reverse issues that when left untreated may require invasive measures later in life. Our physicians dedicate themselves to working with these populations in a safe and nurturing environment.


Knee Arthritis Treatments

Knee pain from arthritis accounts for one of the most common orthopaedic issues. We offer minimally-invasive options that target inflammation caused by arthritis. These treatments often work in one session. Patients leave within hours of receiving treatment.


Sports Medicine

Our physicians have experience dealing with athletes and casual work-out fans. In addition to monitoring sports-related injuries, we provide information on how to prevent recurrences. Some services that often fall under the sports-medicine umbrella include knee or shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repairs and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstructions.


Worker’s Compensation Issues

Workplace injuries cause stress for all involved parties. We have a paralegal on staff that helps our patients navigate worker’s compensation claims while our physicians work on healing injuries, allowing patients to return to work.


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Our physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists work with patients that need to recover from surgery or want a non-surgical option to deal with a condition. Some conditions they treat include sore joints and muscles as well as spinal cord injuries. They create treatment plans and develop new ways to heal the body.


Orthopaedic Trauma

Musculoskeletal injuries account for more than half of the reasons why patients find themselves admitted to trauma centers. Serious orthopaedic injuries require specialized care. We have fellowship-trained surgeons that specialize in orthopaedic traumatology.


Neck, Back and Spine Pain

Aging or improper bending and lifting techniques often lead to neck, back and spinal issues. To properly diagnose the cause of pain, we use equipment like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Our physicians understand that neck, back and spine pain often require physical therapy or assistance from a pain management specialist. Pain management doctors often use trigger point injections or nerve blocks to help diagnosis and relieve pain. We work closely with other specialists to coordinate care.


Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic surgery, a minimally-invasive procedure, offers patients shorter recovery times. It often results in the same outcome as traditional open surgeries. Surgeons will decide which method to use based upon the condition. Surgeons often use arthroscopic surgery on elbows and shoulders. During the procedure, a surgeon makes a small incision near the affected joint. Then, the surgeon inserts a small tube, which has a camera and light.


Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Surgeons recommend shoulder replacement surgery when they cannot fix the injury with arthroscopic surgery. This procedure involves replacing the entire shoulder joint with a prosthetic device. An anesthesiologist monitors a patient’s breathing under general anesthesia while the surgery takes place. A patient remains asleep and will not remember what took place.


Bloodless Surgery

Some patients cannot have blood transfusions, so surgeons perform bloodless surgery. We often perform hip or knee replacements; arthroscopic shoulder or knee surgeries; and surgeries on the hand, wrist, ankle and foot this way.


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