Lateral Repairs


We at Orthopaedic Specialist are dedicated to both healing and informing our patients here in Nashville, Dickson, and Ashland City, TN. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself in need of lateral repairs, we are here to help.


What is Lateral Damage?

Lateral tears are injuries to the outside of the knee, lower leg or ankle, due to a tear in the later collateral ligaments. These ligaments connect the bones in your calf to the bones in your knees and feet. We commonly see such injuries in cases of sprained ankles. When such injuries occur, the ligaments are stretched too far and the soft tissues within the injured are torn.


How is Lateral Damage diagnosed?

If pain is persistent or severe, we recommend seeking medical help. X-Rays can be done to rule out a broken bone. In cases of ligament damage, we can determine the grade of your injury by assessing pain, swelling, mobility, and discoloration.


Types of Ligament Damage

There are 3 grades of lateral collateral ligament damage.

Grade 1: There is tenderness and possibly mild swelling.

Grade 2: This is your standard sprain. You may notice swelling and discoloration, and this injury will require treatment, but the ligament is not completely torn.

Grade 3: The ligament is torn completely. The tear could be in the middle of the ligament, or it could have become detached from bones in the ankle or knee.


How is Lateral Damage Treated?

If your injury is minor, we might prescribe at-home treatment. Minor lateral damage can be treated with cold therapy, elevation, and over-the-counter pain relievers. Bandages and braces can be worn to limit movement while healing occurs. More severe injuries will require surgical treatment.


Lateral Repairs

This is where we come in. When the ligament is detached from the bone, our orthopedists can reattach it using large stitches or surgical staples. If the detachment is from the knee, open-knee surgery is required. A complete tear in the middle of the ligament can be reattached. In the most extreme of cases, we can expertly reconstruct a ligament to repair your injury.

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