Neck Pain


Neck Pain 

People of all demographic groups can suffer from the agony of neck pain. Sometimes the pain can be quick, only lasting a few minutes to an hour. At other times the pain can be constant, lasting for days, weeks, or years. Chronic pain in the neck can be caused by many stimuli. The pain can be caused by trauma to the neck as from an accident, and it can be caused by poor posture which will put excess pressure on the cervical part of the spine. Much of the neck pain that doctors see today can be caused by sitting in one position while working. Other causes are related to the process of aging.


Managing pain in the neck

When any type of neck pain results in discomfort and difficulty moving, the safest option is to see an Orthopaedic Specialist and have the pain analyzed. Sometimes chronic neck pain will require long term treatment or maybe surgery. There are many treatments that will help eliminate minor pain in the cervical spine region such as physical therapy. A person experiencing any kind of a pain in the neck should consult their specialist as soon after they realize that it will not go away, except in the case of a traumatic incidence. The doctor should be seen immediately.


Other causes of pain in the neck

Muscle tension is another cause of pain in the neck. This can happen when the head and neck are held in one position for an extended amount of time, or from high impact exercise. Arthritis in the neck and back can cause degenerative wear and tear in older adults. This chronic pain is usually treated by a bone and joint specialist.

The symptoms of the various types of pain in the neck will vary depending on the cause, although they could have some similarities. Any pain in the cervical spine, or neck, can be aggravating, and uncomfortable.

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